Another kind of Copper Cobalt Alloy - Tribaloy 400


    Copper Cobalt Alloy consist of a hard, intermetallic (Laves) phase dispersed in a softer matrix of eutectic or solid solution. They exhibit outstanding resistance to wear and galling, high corrosion resistance and are particularly suitable where lubrication is a problem. Wear resistance of Tribaloy alloys is highly dependent on the volume percentage of Laves phase.

    TRIBALOY T-400 combines excellent mechanical wear resistance with good corrosion resistance. T-400 contains hard intermetallic phases of Mo and Si which impart excellent surface properties over a wide temperature range. Often used in similar applications to Cobalt-Chromium Alloy12 or Cobalt-Chromium Alloy 1. T-400 exhibits outstanding resistance to galling and corrosion.

    T-400 shows excellent corrosion resistance in Acetic Acid (concentration 50%, boiling) and in Formic Acid (concentration 45%, boiling). Also in Phosphoric Acid (concentration 85%, 66°C) excellent corrosion resistance has been observed.


    Alloy Co Cr Mo C Si Others

    400 Bal. 8.5 28.5 <0.1 2.6 Ni, Fe


    ALLOY Hardness Density Melting Range


    Hardness 48 - 58 HRC

    Density 8,9 g/cm3

    Melting range 1290 – 1340°C

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