• Network Security Engineers: The Nitty-Gritty

    In the era of the digital world, a network security engineer is one of the vital member of any large or mid-sized organization. He is a professional involved in positioning, configuration, provisioning and administration of several different pieces of network and security related hardware and software. Find a Network Security engineers are usually involved in security aspect of the networking system. Safeguarding the organization’s network in line with business goals or objective is quintessential for network engineers.
    A robust security protocol needs to be followed by the engineers and team for best precautionary measures from any threats. A network security engineer must have the multi-pronged background which includes the information security, technology networking attributes.

    Functions and responsibilities

    ·          Attention, registration and classification of security incidents detected from monitoring and supervision, identifying the vulnerabilities that caused the incident and taking the necessary actions to mitigate them.

    ·          Attention, registration and classification of the incidents entered in the Ticketing System (provided by the Client) taking into account the current attention procedures of the Area.

    ·          Mitigate incidents on the Customer's Network Equipment. In case the incidence can not be attended by this level, it will be scaled to the next level.

    ·          Validation test of the Service recovery. Closing of the ticket taking into account the current attention procedures of the Area

    ·          Analysis of the incident in all its phases, if warranted, make changes in the configuration of the Teams, creating missing procedures or modifying any already existing one.

    ·          Monitoring and supervision activities must be carried out permanently.

    ·          Consultation service via email or telephone.

    ·          Document each incident presented, either by updating or creating new instructions, manuals or procedures, prior approval of the client.

    ·          Continuous and scheduled review of user access rights.

    ·          Evaluate the quality of the Service over time (monitoring), to determine if the platforms are operating as expected and if necessary to carry out relevant actions (Security Incident Management and / or Service).

    ·          Training and adaptation of processes according to continuous improvement

    ·          Other functions assigned by your immediate boss.

    Studies, knowledge, experience and competences

    ·          Technician or Graduate of the careers of Electronic Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, Computer Engineering, Systems Engineering or related.

    ·          Knowledge in support and / or maintenance in network security solutions.

    ·          Administration of Servers with Windows, Unix, Linux and Solaris Operating Systems.

    ·          Knowledge of current DNS solutions in the market.

    ·          Knowledge in Web programming and Networking.


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