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3 D Scanners: A Boon for Medical, Fitness and Fashion Industry

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    June 28, 2017 2:31 AM EDT

    Advent of 3 D technology and Body scanner has a brought a revolution in the fashion industry. Designing clothes with perfect fitting is the most challenging job but 3 D measurement and scanning techniques has made this process not only simpler but also accurate. Now, dress designers are able to design a dress with the best fittings as they are able to get precise measurements through 3 D measurement devices. This technology greatly aid in boosting up the productivity of apparel manufacturing industries and also helps customizing garments to correctly fit the customers.

    3 D measurement devices not only enhances the productivity and profitability of fashion industry but are also used in hospitals, laboratories and fitness centers for the correct measurement of an individual. From body composition to body shape, 3 D scanners aids in tracking and monitoring every detail of the human body. These systems also helps in finding out Body Volume Index (BVI) and Body Mass Index (BMI) which are vital details required for obesity measurement. The data provided by 3 D scanners and measurement devices aids in detecting the risks associated with person’s weight.

    The escalation in the growth of the company after the installation of such measurement system is increasing the demand of these measurement devices. Whether it is apparel designing industry or a fitness center, every business is looking forward to set up 3 D 3D Body Scanner devices. But, purchasing these measurement devices is still a daunting as you require a reliable source which provides the futuristic and genuine products. As you need to spend a large sum of money while purchasing 3 D scanners and measurement system thus it is imperative to purchase it from reputed manufacturers such as 2.

    2 is the world’s first and largest manufacturer and supplier of 3 D measurement devices and tools. They are known to offer second to known consulting, installation, maintenance and support services and they provide their 3 D measurement and visualization devices for fitness, fashion, medical industry and also for research department of various industries. Along with 3 D measurement devices, they also offer Computer-Aided Design Software for fashion industry and a finely fit app for physicians, fitness instructors and personal trainers.

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