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SMOK unveils voice-activated “I-Priv” at IECIE Shenzhen

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    March 23, 2019 3:53 AM EDT
    In true IECIE fashion, Smok unveiled it’s latest — and possibly most interesting — mod to date.

    Complete on stage with dancers and models, the company introduced the mod that they hail as a precursor to AI in your mod.

    Looking more like a Hollywood transformer than a traditional mod, the
    I-Priv has the ability to hear, respond and execute a variety of voice

    Much like Apple’s Siri, you wake the mod up by saying “Hello I-Priv.”
    After that you can issue any of 16 commands, which include things like
    “unlock device,” “TC mode,” “wattage mode,” “Best Power,” or “Power Up.”

    The designers seem to have even programmed it with a bit of a sense
    of humor. For example, if you tell it to “light flash,” it says “hands
    up, follow me.” If you tell the mod to power off, it responds by saying
    “are you serious?”

    The I-Priv has a power range of 1-230 watts and works down to .1 ohms
    in variable wattage mode — .05 in temperature control mode.

    The mod holds a pair of 21700 or 20700 batteries — but ships with an 18650 battery adapter.

    It comes in eight colors as of its official launch, including black,
    red, prism gold, prism blue, prism chrome, green, purple and prism

    Included in the box are the mod, a TFV12 Prince tank, a strip coil
    and a mesh coil, an 18650 battery adapter, replacement glass, a USB
    cable and the user manual.