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World’s Stupidest Thieves Rob a Vape Shop

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    March 23, 2019 4:08 AM EDT
    In the early morning hours of March 11, two burglars broke into a Winnipeg, Manitoba justfog vape shop, and managed to steal a few mods, break a lot of glass, and in the process create a hilarious viral video.

    The Flamingo Vape location on Pembina Highway in Winnipeg was the
    thieves’ target. They broke the front door glass and walked in just
    after 1:00 a.m., with crowbars and sledgehammers in hand.

    The burglars decided to make themselves unforgettable for viewers of
    the security cam footage. The guy wore a day-glo yellow jacket like the
    ones usually seen on road construction workers, and the female thief
    wore Ugg boots. They were smart enough to obscure their faces — but not
    smart enough to bring a bag to carry the loot away..I won’t spoil the
    fun by describing the robbery in detail, because you can watch the
    footage yourself. It’s even helpfully narrated by someone from the shop.
    My favorite moment is the woman shoveling boxes of merchandise into a
    trash can with no bottom.

    The shop is so well-lit, and the cameras so well-placed, that we can
    see the results of the thieves’ poor decisions in detail. The only thing
    missing is a Benny Hill soundtrack.

    These people are so dumb, I kept waiting (and hoping) for them to
    load their pockets with loose batteries and change from the cash drawer.
    But alas, we’ll have to wait for them to blow themselves up vaping some
    of the fancy mech mods they stole.