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Features of Cable Gland from China

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    March 23, 2019 5:36 AM EDT
    Features of Cable Gland from China
    1. Mechanics Design
    Our cable
    gland from HONT, the cable gland manufacturer meets the design of human
    body mechanics. Its application and using are more simple and easier.
    2. Strict technical Requirements
    of manufacturing water proof cable gland is very strict. So the task is
    a bit difficult for the new cable gland manufacturers in China.
    at the same time, the injection also turns to be very smooth and tidy,
    no rags. The screw thread is clear and well regular. Our cable gland is
    one product with high requirements and level in either quality or
    technical requests.
    3. High Tenacity Clamp
    It is matched with
    tightly forced head with a good thread length. Our cable gland produced
    by HONT, cable gland manufacturer makes the assembling more convenient
    and time saved. Its good tenacity force the product tight. And it
    enhances the water proof performance.
    4. Thick Sealing Circle
    cable gland has thick sealing circle. It has strict sealing art. Special
    design of strong elasticity sealing circle brings high fastening
    strength. And it has no harm to the cables or the electrical machines.
    take rich materials. The material has strong sealing performance. Our
    goal is to guarantee the cables the safety and water proof in all the
    sides during the whole using procedure.
    5. Tight Lock Design
    inside design of lock nuts makes the sealing circle of the cable gland
    manufacturer difficult to change the position. And it is also difficult
    to be pressed away from its original seat.
    Its fastening function is
    strong. It ensures the water resistance function. Besides it strengthens
    the function of fastening and fixing.Read More