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Equipro: A Premium Manufacturer of Equestrian Riding Surfaces

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    May 4, 2019 1:43 AM EDT
    A horse riding wouldn’t look amazing if the riding surface is not well-defined! Flat and finely developed riding surface plays a pivotal role in horse riding where it encourages the movement of horses seamlessly. A poorly developed horse riding surface welcomes the potential risk of horse falling and slipping, thus, it wouldn’t allow horse to gallop on unyielding and hard surface. If you own a horse and want to experience a safe and smooth horse riding, then it is high time that you invest your money in a quality-assured horse riding arena surfaces with Equipro. It is UK based family oriented business which is known for manufacturing the best kind of equestrian riding surfaces throughout the region of the UK. It is a trusted arena riding surface provider that can cater specific needs of competitive horses. The horse arena surface so designed should be firm enough to support horse’s ligaments and tendons and do not cause any injury to the horse. And that’s exactly what Equipro does.

    Equipro’s horse arena footing is manufactured with superior fibre, offering fantastic and consistent riding surface. The fibres are so cushioning and soft that it enables horses to be supportive and robust all at the same time. The superior fibre offers innumerable benefits to horse arena surface that are mentioned below:

    • Offering highest-quality riding surface

    • Aids in water drainage

    • Minimizes surface blowing away

    • 99% contamination free

    Besides providing superior fibre, Equipro also provides equestrian riding chip which is extremely reliable for indoor and outdoor arena. Using equestrian riding chip reduces the chances of causing allergic reaction to the horse and improves underfoot support when schooling, riding or lunging. If you are searching to buy horse arena footing for sale then look no further than Equipro. A lot of people have been extremely satisfied after purchasing horse arena surface from Equipro due to its secured footing and light weight. You can go to their official website and calculate the riding surface area to know the exact measurement that you are looking for. It also provides remarkable PVC fencing that can give your yard or arena a perfect finishing in the best possible way. Formulated with Vinyl, the PVC fencing would not peel, absorb moisture or corrode. Acquire the finest horse arena surface and engineered materials from Equipro and enjoy the horse riding!

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