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    June 28, 2017 6:19 AM EDT
    Purchase Advanced Body Scanner and Newest Pattern Grading Software from 2

    2 is a well recognized company which offers the best-in class 3D measurement and scanning devices. All their products are manufactured using cutting edge technology which boosts up the growth of your business. 2 is also known for providing the latest pattern software to ease the work of apparel designers. Their 3D body scanning devices can also be considered as the time efficient solution to get perfectly fitted clothing through personalized 3D body avatars instead of wasting time on trying no. of garments.

    Some of the products offered by 2 are enlisted below:

    3D body scanner:

    They provide 3D body scanner which comprises of crotch point detection, compact scanner footprint and adjustable handholds. With these unique features and mechanisms, it is possible to scan within only 1 sec and with accuracy. This 3D body scanner can also be beneficial in 3D printing, sizing surveys, 3D product development and in virtual fitting.

    Image Twin Mirror:

    Finding apparels with perfect size is one of the most challenging tasks. Installing Image Twin mirror at fashion retail shop can give retailers popularity in this competitive fashion market as it aids customers in purchasing well-fitted clothes without trying each one of them. This is a 47-inches freestanding digital kiosk with touch screen features and numerous other exceptional characteristics.

    3D full Color Scanner:

    This is also the most advanced approach to answer all the 3D body measurement needs of customers with state-of-the-art specifications. This can scan within just 3 seconds with full coloring. One of the best parts of having this device is that it can provide you 3 D prints immediately.

    Summing up, 2is the best company to purchase devices based upon 3D body scanning technologies. They supply 3 D measurement and visualization devices for medical, fitness and fashion industry. They strive harder to provide products and Software based upon the futuristic technology, at highly competitive prices.

    For more details regarding 3D scanning devices, you can log on to

    Contact Info:

    2500 Reliance Avenue,

    Apex NC 27539


    Phone: +1 919 380 2156 (Main)