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Nanpu Bridge Better And Better With Upgrades

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    May 22, 2019 3:45 AM EDT
    Nanpu Bridge, the first bridge across the Huangpu River in Shanghai’s
    downtown area, has undergone continuous upgrades for the last four
    years. There have been 14 upgrades, including safety facilities, the
    main bridge, 11 gateways, and traffic monitoring.To get more nanpu bridge, you can visit shine news official website.

    Nanpu Bridge was put into use in 1991 as the second largest cable
    bridge in the world. The complexity and advanced level of technology
    were rare in bridge construction in China. After more than 20 years of
    use, the Nanpu Bridge experienced some problems such as component wear.

    In addition to regular maintenance, the Nanpu Bridge has added a lot of
    new equipment. 203 sensors throughout the bridge reflect the structure
    and operational status of the bridge at any time.

    Nanpu Bridge has a navigation function. In the 1990s, the Nanpu Bridge
    installed only five red lights on the outside of the main bridge as a
    navigation aid. According to the current national standards, a
    navigation aid sign is built to reduce the risk of the bridge being hit.

    In order to prevent the bridge from deformation, the Nanpu Bridge is
    equipped with a device to relieve the thermal expansion and contraction
    of the bridge. Because of the uneven settlement of Pudong and Puxi
    ground and heavy traffic, the device on the west side of the bridge is
    seriously damaged and will replaced by a new type of a new material
    expansion device.

    The Nanpu Bridge, opened to the public on September 1st, 1991, is a
    sister bridge to the Yangpu Bridge across the Huangpu River in Shanghai.
    The bridge with an 8346-meter-length and a main span of 423 meters is
    one of the longest cable-stayed bridges in the world.

    The towers with an “H” shape are 150 meters high and have the name of
    Nanpu Bridge written by Deng Xiaoping (one of the greatest leaders in
    China). The spiral bridge extends to Puxi area is identified as a wonder
    in the bridge construction of the world.The main bridge is 30.35 meters
    wide with 6 vehicles lanes. The speed limit is 40 kilometres per hour
    on Nanpu Bridge. The two- meter-wide sidewalks on each side of the main
    bridge are useful for people to go sightseeing. Visitors can take the
    elevator to the main bridge to enjoy the beautiful scenery on the
    Huangpu River. Nanpu Bridge is the earliest bridge across the Huangpu
    River in Shanghai city.

    Shanghai people treat Huangpu River as the mother river which is the
    source of Shanghai growth and civilization. The great river separated
    Shanghai into two parts-backward Pudong District and the thriving Puxi
    District. Many generations in Shanghai dreamt of there being a big
    bridge linking the two districts.

    The idea of building a bridge has become stronger and stronger since
    the 1920s. In 1975, Songpu Bridge was built. It reduced pressure
    temporarily it did not solve the problem of busy traffic on the Huangpu
    River because it was too far from the central city area.

    The idea of building another bridge over the Huangpu River became the
    focus and was put onto the agenda. In August 1986 the state council
    approved the application to build the Nanpu Bridge project. In 1990, the
    Chinese government decided to build Pudong District into a major
    development area, the building of Nanpu Bridge became an even more
    important project that must be completed.