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Taking a Look at the Current State of NBA 2K19

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    May 22, 2019 8:04 AM EDT
    We are hitting the time of the season where arguments about which
    team from the Eastern Conference will challenge the Golden State
    Warriors in the NBA Finals means so much more as rosters are rounding
    out thanks to the trade deadline, buyout acquisitions and free-agent
    pickups. 2K Sports is also at the point in the development cycle where
    they are working on NBA 2K20, but we can not close the books on the
    current 2K title we still have in our hands just yet.nbamtcoins
    Where does NBA 2K19 currently sit now that we are roughly five months
    into its current release window? Let's take a timeout together and see
    where the game currently sits at this juncture.

    People who play NBA 2K19 will have their own opinions on what they
    consider fun to do in the game; that opinion would obviously be based on
    the game mode that each player would frequent the most. For me, playing
    offline against my friends is what gives the most satisfaction whether I
    win or lose. MyTeam, which I just started playing while working on this
    article, is growing on me. It seems like it will take a lot of work and
    grind to really get deep into the mode and start experiencing the true
    fun to be had, and the downside is I really see where the pay to play
    and microtransaction beasts start to show their faces. With that being
    said, hopefully I can garner some success before feeling like I might
    have to spend real money to be competitive. The money mode, MyCareer, is
    actually stagnant for me now. The grind to 99 just doesn not work for
    me based on my real-world obligations. When I do get to get some games
    in, I get bored pretty quickly just doing the old workout, team
    practice, NBA game routine. Playing in the Park alone gets frustrating
    quickly, as most games end up with randoms playing hero ball. All in
    all, I still enjoy playing NBA 2K19, but really only in spurts.

    At this point, I am not sure what else needs to be said about NBA 2K
    and the state of the servers. They are just not up to par. I still
    experience lag more often than I'd like to admit, and my home internet
    service is not lousy. Latency online, especially in the Park, is bad but
    can be downright terrible at times. It's been something that we as a
    community have been complaining about a lot about for the last few
    years. At this juncture, I am not entirely sure what is involved in 2K
    improving the servers so all gamers experience better gameplay and
    reduced latency overall, nor am I sure what suggestions could be made.
    What I am sure of is that the company needs to figure it out, and figure
    it out quickly. There's no reason why latency and delay issues should
    be affecting people's online experiences now. Click Here