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3D body scanning technologies

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    June 28, 2017 6:48 AM EDT
    Purchase World Leading Body Measurement and 3D Visualization Devices From 2

    Rapid growth in technology has brought a tremendous change in every field. With the invention of 3D body measurement and 3D visualization devices, it has become really easy to analyze real world objects. 3 D body measurement devices have become an imperative part of fitness and fashion industry. These devices can be purchased from 2, the world’s first and largest 3D body manufacturer. Established in 1981, 2 is known for providing the futuristic devices and tools based on 3D body scanning technologies. They offer services of training, consultancy, installation, maintenance & support and serve various industries such as fashion, fitness and medical.

    Some of the areas of application of 2 are:-

      • Research:

      The 3D body scanners of the company are used by more than 150 industries and research facilities and thus they provide great help in area of research.

        • Weight loss:

        Their 3D body measurement devices are employed by hospitals and fitness companies. These devices help trainers, physicians and fitness instructor to find the correct weight and related information and thus aids in providing the best facilities to their clients.

          • Fashion:

          Their pattern grading software and 3 D based devices are used by various brands for retail automatization and also for design/fit improvement.

            • Consultancy:

            They offer advice to several companies regarding their 3 D tools, devices and software which can escalate their growth.

            In addition to this, 2 also offer pattern software for targeted vertical market which aids in accurate and fast pattern making. Their software and 3 D measurement devices enable fashion designers to design clothes with the best fitting for their clients. The ImageTwin Mirror offered by 2 creates your virtual avatar and allows you to purchase dress that fits you the best, without any need of trying even the single one.

            Summing up, 2 is the reliable company if you are want to purchase 3 D body measurement devices for your industry. They endeavor to cater your needs in the best manner by providing the state-of-art 3 D based devices at highly unbeatable prices.

            For more details regarding ², please log on to



            2500 Reliance Avenue,

            Apex NC 27539


            Phone: +1 919 380 2156 (Main)