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Dué Face & Body: The Complete Luxury Beauty Service Salon

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    July 2, 2019 3:07 AM EDT
    Beauty is something that stays with you even when you grow old. The natural beauty that we have been gifted by God is the most precious thing for women as well as men. Although when we talk about beauty, we often refer to women but we usually forget that even men need grooming to look stunning. The appearance of a person plays a huge role in creating their image in someone’s mind and also your appearance boosts your confidence. Today, both men and women have become aware and conscious of their beauty and therefore, they make use of beauty and grooming services offered by a salon. Looking good is no longer an option, it is a must. And for that you can visit Dué Face & Body which is a reputed and well renowned beauty salon Roeselare (schoonheidssalon Roeselare), spa and institute that offers a complete range of luxury beauty care services for both men and women.

    Dué Face & Body salon, institute and spa was established in 2011 by the Nathalie Dedier. She is the owner of the salon and has a prior experience of 19 years in the industry as a beautician. They provide supreme quality luxury beauty care services and use the best of beauty care brands such as Juliette Armand, Rain pharma, Intense Derma, Crystal Clear and 4Voo. They have a team of the best and expert beautician Roeselare (schoonheidsspecialiste Roeselare) who are available in the salon to take personal care of their clients. The team at Dué Face & Body specializes in permanent hair removal, permanent makeup, slimming and many other services.

    Dué Face & Body salon has high-tech machines and devices that will help you to reduce excessive weight and fight aging related problems. For makeup, they use natural mineral products from GIo-mineral which cause no harm to your skin. To reduce weight they use the latest T-shape technology which fight cellulite & affect both body and face in a positive way. Also their anti aging treatment (anti aging behandeling) is unique and better from other anti aging treatments like Botox. They believe that you can use mineral and nutrition to delay the aging process. They use products from Collagen Lift ™ Paris for an anti-aging treatment, which offers collagen supplement drink to reduce your wrinkles and delay aging. If you are ready to have an experience like never before, you must check out Dué Face & Body.

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