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Casino Gaming Bureau

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    August 8, 2019 4:52 AM EDT
    The Casino Gaming Bureau was established in 1988 to enforce all New
    Jersey criminal statutes within the Atlantic City casinos, as well as
    the provisions of the New Jersey Casino Control Act. In order to
    accomplish this task the Casino Gaming Bureau works in concert with the
    New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (D.G.E.) and the New Jersey
    Casino Control Commission (C.C.C.). The Division of Gaming Enforcement
    is a division within the Department of Law & Public Safety, who by
    statue is responsible for the regulation of the New Jersey casino gaming
    industry. The Casino Control Commission is an independent agency within
    the Treasury Department which acts in a quasi-judicial manner ruling on
    casino licensing applications and assessing penalties for any
    regulatory violations of the Casino Control gambling software

    The Casino Gaming Bureau is located in Atlantic City, which is a
    seaside resort town 11 square miles in size, with a population of 40,
    000 citizens. There are currently 12 casinos in Atlantic City with more
    than one million square feet of gaming floor space. According to the
    Atlantic City Convention & Visitors Authority yearly more than 34
    million people visit Atlantic City.

    On average, Bureau personnel conducted more than 1,500 criminal
    investigations which typically result in more than 800 arrests. Bureau
    members also issue in excess of 1,100 Hand Summonses yearly for all
    Disorderly Persons Offenses. All criminal offenses investigated by the
    members of the Casino Gaming Bureau are prosecuted by the New Jersey
    Division of Criminal Justice, Casino Prosecutions Bureau. The bureau
    provides specialized training in casino gaming enforcement to federal,
    state, county, and municipal police agencies. The bureau also
    specializes in performing forensic video enhancements for bureau
    investigations and outside agencies.