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Megan Rapinoe needs to be on the cover of FIFA 20

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    August 8, 2019 5:22 AM EDT
    The USWNT was tested throughout the 2019 Women’s World Cup, but they
    successfully defended their 2015 title to win their fourth ever
    championship. And nobody may have been more important to their success
    on the field than Megan Rapinoe, who scored both of the team’s goals in
    their 2-1 victories over Spain and France in the first two games of the
    knockout stages.fut 20 coins

    A born leader, Rapinoe inspired countless fans globally by taking a
    stand against bigotry. An openly lesbian footballer at a time when
    homophobic abuse is still rampant both in society and on the football
    pitch, Rapinoe has demanded better from the United States president,
    FIFA, the United States Soccer Federation, and each of us as

    Rapinoe is also an incredible footballer. At this year’s World Cup,
    Rapinoe took home both Golden Boot and Golden Ball honors, leading all
    players with a whopping 1.68 goals and assists per 90 minutes with a
    total of six goals and three assists.

    She’s long been a star on the national team and at her club Reign FC,
    providing inch-perfect crosses from the left while also dazzling with
    her dribbling skills. Of course, Rapinoe’s elite finishing and cool head
    in front of goal make her a dangerous scoring option; she’s just as
    likely to score from a set piece as she is to set up a teammate.

    All of this points to one thing: there isn’t a single football player
    on this planet who, right now, is more befitting of the honor of being
    the FIFA 20 cover star.

    FIFA 20 has a cover problem. Last year’s cover stars, Cristiano
    Ronaldo and then Neymar, are both dealing with rape allegations. While
    Ronaldo and Neymar are indisputably great players on the pitch, they
    should not be representatives of the FIFA brand. This is a game played
    by children across the world and increases a child’s love for “The
    Beautiful Game”. So it is incredibly important for FIFA to choose the
    best possible representative as their cover star.

    To that point, because so many kids across the world play FIFA, it’s
    important for them to feel represented. In the history of FIFA video
    games, which began in 1993, there has never been a sole female cover
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