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    June 30, 2017 8:18 AM EDT
    Bump Armor: Providing Rugged Protection to Your Chromebooks, iPads and Laptops

    Bump Armor is leading markets by providing protective solutions to your devices, so that your hard-earned Chromebook doesn’t breaks from the rigors of your classroom. These steel and glass devices are not enough to protect themselves, and you cannot always keep them in front of your eyes, which means your device needs something more than proper handling.

    Bump Armor provides ultimate protection to your devices like iPads, Chromebooks, laptops and tablets. These devices are usually tough to carry, and they have certain chances of slipping from your hands. This is why Bump Armor provides quality products for your device like:

      • Laptop and Chromebook protection:

      Bump Armor provides quality laptop case, which gives your laptop rugged protection, so that you don’t have to add efforts in carrying your laptop anywhere. These cases give full access to your small laptops without removing the case. These cases are lightweight, durable and they act as a grip riser to your device.

        • iPad protection:

        These iPad cases are perfect for your school, on your job or at your home. These cases are made up of sturdy material so that you iPad stays safe and new. These cases have already passed military standard drop tests, so you don’t have to think twice before buying these supreme quality covers.

          • Backpacks:

          Either you need a laptop bag or a Chromebook backpack, Bump Armor has it all. These bags are best used for laptops up to 16”. These backpacks provide 5-sided protection to your device, so that you can carry it anywhere, without worrying about its condition. These bags are created for all-day comfort, so you can plan long and adventurous trips with your laptop or Chromebook.

          The computer case and laptop backpacks provided by the company are created by experienced mechanical engineers and industrial designers, so you don’t have to think before buying these strong and protective goods. Bump Armor supplies thoughtfully-engineered defensive backpacks and cases which are safe and efficient. The Chromebook cases are hard-shelled, so your Chromebook doesn’t break after falling.

          They also work in collaborations with schools, to help them out with their tablet technology protection. You can invest in these protective cases as a complete organization, which reduces per unit cost of the cases and covers.

          For purchasing your laptop backpack, you may log on to: