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Do I Need a VPN on My iPhone?

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    September 19, 2019 4:12 AM EDT
    Many people believe that there is no vulnerability on iPhone because of
    its high level of security. However, vulnerabilities do exist on
    iPhones. Look at the vulnerability exploited security researchers
    at security conference Def Con 2019.

    Whether you need a VPN on your iPhone depends on what you do online. @¥#456!

    Do you need to connect to unsecured public WiFi? Do you often visit
    websites with no security? Or do you like playing online games?

    There are many reasons you should use a VPN for your iPhone. If you want
    to safeguard your sensitive data on iPhone from hackers and snoops or
    change your IP address, you’d better run a VPN on it. Let’s dig deep to
    see why you need a VPN.

    Stay secure on public WiFi

    To avoid exceeding mobile data limit, we will immediately connect to a
    WiFi hotspot when we arrived at a hotel or a coffee shop. However, these
    free public WiFi networks are often unsecured. Your private data might
    be collected by hackers and advertisers via it. If you use a reliable
    VPN service, you can rest assured to connect to a public WiFi.

    Enhance online privacy

    It is known to all that hackers, ISP, spies and government usually track
    you online. Your online activity like what websites you visit and how
    much time you’ve spent on each website is monitored by them.
    Fortunately, you can stop any of them from tracking you by running a VPN
    on your iPhone.

    Bypass geographical restrictions

    Some content on Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and other websites is restricted
    to certain countries only. When you are traveling abroad, chances are
    good that you find you can’t access services that are available in your
    home country.

    You can easily get around this by installing a VPN on your iPhone. In
    this way, you are able to bypass geographical restrictions.

    Enjoy online gaming

    iPhones are good for gaming. If you want to enjoy online gaming, we recommend you to download a VPN to your iPhone. VPN download

    It not only helps you play geo-blocked games but also prevents DoS or DDoS attacks from ruining your gaming experience.