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Your internet browsers are not as safe as you

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    September 30, 2019 5:55 AM EDT
    The internet is visible and usable for everyone thanks to browsers.
    These are actually programs that convert CSS and HTML code from a
    certain website into a visible graphic form. In this way, the internet
    user can interactively use a web page.

    There are many types that
    each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Although they are
    generally safe and the risk of lost or stolen personal data is
    relatively small, there is still a chance it happens. They are therefore
    often less safe than people think and certain measures are essential in
    that case!

    Different sorts of browsers
    Depending on your
    operating system, you can choose between different types that, although
    they all have the same function, differ in many ways. An overview of the
    best known and used web browsers is found below:

    1. Google Chrome
    browser is one of the most used types on Windows operating systems, and
    has had a clear influence on the market so far. Google wanted to give
    internet users more overview and clarity by keeping the layout of Google
    Chrome as small and minimalist as possible. Precisely because it is so
    compact and well-organized, Google Chrome is one of the most used types

    Like most other variants, Google Chrome has the ability
    to install extensions that make searching and storing web pages even
    easier and more convenient. In addition, various security extensions can
    be installed, which guarantees the privacy of personal data and surf

    2. Mozilla Firefox
    Like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox has fast
    updates. The version has gone from number 4 to 9 in just one year,
    namely in 2011. So there have been a lot of changes in Firefox in a
    short time, but that evolution mainly relates to the functionalities,
    and not so much to the layout. The so-called ‘bonnet’ of the system was
    regularly updated again, raising both the speed and the reliability of
    Firefox to a level higher. In 2017 the latest version of Firefox came
    out, Firefox Quantum.

    3. Safari
    Safari is the best-known
    browser on Apple devices, and is mainly characterized by an extensive
    set of extensions and security options. It is often said that Safari is
    much faster and safer than Windows variants, but that of course depends
    on several factors.

    Browsing on the internet isn’t as safe as it seems?
    that it is clear which browsers are used the most, it is important to
    mention that their use does not seem to be as risk-free as was thought.
    Ensuring the online security of your surf data and personal data is of
    great importance to be able to make use of the internet without any
    worries, and if security leaks occur – which often happens – this is of
    course much more difficult.

    In that case, a VPN
    is the best solution to ensure your online safety. Security leaks are
    no longer a threat thanks to an anonymous connection, and browsing data
    can not possibly be traced by third parties and government agencies. VPN
    security gives you, as a internet user, a different IP address, so that
    you – at least for third parties and unwanted viewers – seem to be at a
    different location and therefore you browse anonymously. The result is
    that you can stay under the radar and are no longer exposed to cyber
    criminals or viruses. VPN download