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The necessity of a 100% no-log policy

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    September 30, 2019 5:59 AM EDT
    The Internet: it is something without which we cannot live anymore, both
    as individual users and within companies. The Internet has made the
    world that we know smaller and yet, simultaneously, larger, exactly
    because of the innumerable possibilities it offers (on the private and
    on the business field).

    This great expansion of the Internet
    provides, naturally, also for the existence of many more risks that come
    with it. Security and protection are often in short supply on the
    Internet and many people (or at least their surfing behavior) are
    tracked without their knowledge. At the same time, many people are aware
    of this and are looking for ways to once again ensure their online
    security and anonymity.

    A VPN connection, or virtual private network,
    is the perfect solution for this: where a connection with the “regular”
    Internet can never fully guarantee the security of surfing data and
    personal information, this is very well the case with a VPN. With such a
    connection, there is always a mention of a so-called “tunnel” through
    which all online data is guided. The result? An Internet connection that
    is impossible to trace and which thus offers much more freedom for

    Attain anonymity with a VPN
    More and more people choose
    to set up a VPN connection instead of a simple Internet connection and
    this happens because such a connection makes you anonymous – so to speak
    – as an Internet user.

    Nowadays, it is not difficult at all anymore to surf anonymously, surely due to the great offer of VPN service.
    Each Internet user possesses a certain IP address that gives
    information about the geographic location of this user. In this way, it
    can be determined which content (such as websites and online programs)
    can or cannot be viewed. For example, someone from the Netherlands may
    not be able to visit a Russian website because his or her IP address
    makes it impossible to do so.

    A VPN connection, however,
    circumvents these geographic restrictions by giving the user a new IP
    address from a country of his choice.

    The importance of a no-log policy
    is of course always the risk with such a connection that third parties
    (such as the government or other official entities) retrieve information
    about which websites and programs you have visited or donwloaded as an
    Internet user. Even if your actual Internet behavior remains hidden, it
    is not impossible to know exactly where you are and what you do.

    VPN services have, however, a solution for this: a no-log policy. This
    policy actually entails a simple guideline: all surfing data and history
    of Internet users (who are connected via the VPN server) are
    immediately removed so that nobody can learn what exactly this person
    has been doing. If a government authority requests data from the VPN
    provider about the browsing history of a given user, they will thus come
    back empty-handed: the provider itself does not possess this
    information to begin with.

    The result of course is that you as a
    user of a VPN connection can always be sure of optimal online security
    and that third parties can never fine you for websites or programs that
    you have used in the past.

    Why is a no-log policy so essential?
    security is currently in short supply, that much is clear. VPN services
    offer Internet users the possibility to still enjoy privacy and
    protection against third parties by routing all Internet traffic via a
    closed virtual tunnel. In this way, browsing does not only become safer
    but also much more pleasant.

    The no-log policy helps with this
    because all data about the Internet behavior of a user are removed.
    Whereas this information normally remains always available (and the risk
    of fines is thus also much higher), this policy ensures that you as a
    user of a VPN connection will never have to worry.