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Shop online safely with a VPN

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    September 30, 2019 6:05 AM EDT
    A nice shopping spree on the Internet can turn into a real nightmare. A
    sweater that costs a fortune and never arrives and you can say goodbye
    to your money… Your bank or credit card information gets stolen… If you
    pay close attention to certificates and safe payment methods, you can
    avoid many problems. And, fortunately, the Ministry of Justice also
    takes action against illicit webshops. But you can also do much yourself
    in order to strengthen your online security.

    bShopping online is
    becoming ever more popular and webshops pop up like mushrooms out of
    the ground. This is not so strange, because shopping on the Internet is
    easy and saves you a lot of time. Most orders are carried out without
    problems, but some companies don’t do what they promise or are downright
    dishonest. Criminals regularly steal data from online shops or a
    popular brand and build a fake shop around that data. If you order
    something there, you will lose your money. And if you’re unlucky, also
    all sorts of sensitive information, such as your address, bank account
    number, or credit card information will get stolen. Fortunately, the
    government is now going to deal with illicit webshops. Upon request of
    the Ministry of Justice, payment services can block the accounts of a
    webshop so that they no longer can do business. But is this really
    enough to be able to shop safely?

    Handle your online security yourself
    can do much yourself to strengthen the security when you are shopping
    around. To begin with, choose a strong password when you open your
    account. Also, always use a secure WiFi connection. So do not order your
    new laptop or outfit at the airport or in an Internet café. Always
    check whether the URL of the shop begins with https://.
    And, of course, you only pay when it is safe to do so. This can be done
    in various ways, for example via the secure environment of your bank
    with iDEAL, with your credit card, or via PayPal. Would you rather pay
    afterwards, thus only after you have received your order? This can be
    done with Afterpay, among others. But be careful. Also at a trustworthy
    webshop, your data is not absolutely safe. Some shops do not use a
    secure encryption protocol. At the moment you pay for your order, your
    information is sent unprotected. Hackers can then get hold of your data.

    If you want to be really safe
    you think that shopping on a network where many hackers and illicit
    companies are preying on your money and information is not such a good
    idea? Then go for the ultimate online security and choose a VPN
    connection. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. With it you protect
    your privacy and browse safer and anonymously. It works in the
    following way. You will get encrypted access to a network via VPN
    server. All Internet traffic is also diverted through this server. Your
    location therefore remains unknown. This can also be really handy if you
    want to watch movies via the Internet, for example. Sometimes it
    happens that you want to watch a TV series but you get a notification
    that this can only be done if you live in that country. You don’t have
    this problem anymore with VPN service, because the website doesn’t know
    in which country you are.

    Shop safely
    Are you in the train
    and want to order those cool sneakers? If you have a normal,
    unprotected Internet connection on your smartphone or tablet, then you’d
    better wait until you’re home before you buy them. But there is no
    problem if you have a VPN connection, because this makes an unprotected
    connection safe. This is such an amazing idea if you are shopping.
    Because no one sees what you type in when you pay for your order with
    your credit card. Another advantage is that a VPN connection can protect
    you against hackers and spammers. So feel at ease to check your email
    or bank account: you don’t have to be afraid of peeping toms. VPN download