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VPN on your gameconsole

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    September 30, 2019 6:19 AM EDT
    You don’t always pay attention to it, but nowadays we use the internet
    for almost anything. Also, when you are playing games on a midday
    afternoon on your game console, you use your internet connection. But
    have you ever thought about using a VPN service when you are playing on
    your game console?

    What is a VPN?
    The abbreviation stands for IP address.
    This is like a secured connection that you set up via a server in a
    country of choice. This kind of connection is often used to have a safe
    connection on using a public WIFI network. Besides from that, it has
    many advantages such as avoiding geo restrictions. And let that be one
    of the pro’s on using a VPN for during your online game sessions.

    Pro’s on using a Virtual Private Network during gaming
    a Virtual Private Network has its advantages while you are gaming.
    Like, you can download games from any country in the world. Given the
    fact that you can set up you server with every country in the world, you
    can now access all the games that are normally bounded to a
    geographical area. Besides that, you can connect your game consoles with
    a server that is less far away, the result is that games are less
    likely to have lag. It happens more often that you can’t succeed in
    making an internet connection with the newest multiplayer games. This is
    because your provider enables critical internet connection. So, game
    over. Unless you are using a Virtual Private Network that enables you to
    set up your own server to connect with

    How do you connect your game console with a best VPN?
    are two ways at how you can set up your game console to connect with a
    safe internet connection. One way is to use your laptop or to manually
    create a virtual hotspot. This means that your computer changes into a
    router, in which all the internet traffic passes. You can also install
    Virtual Router. This is a free software program with which you can
    create a hotspot in Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows server 2012. A
    second way on setting it up is to purchase a DD-WRT router that allows
    the use of a Virtual Private Network. VPN download