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NBA 2K20's MyCareer Mode Acquires A Social Conscience

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    September 30, 2019 10:50 AM EDT
    NBA 2K20's MyCareer story mode goes for something a little more real and
    a little less escapist. Narratively, it's only partially successful;
    your character's ethical code doesn't gel with the materialistic wish
    fulfillment at the heart of the mt coins

    upside to the more serious tone is that none of the characters are
    deliberately obnoxious. For years, the NBA 2K MyCareer storylines were
    filled with bizarre, unlikable characters. Your avatar was a
    fame-chasing cornball. Your agent was a cowardly shill. And you were
    saddled with hangers-on from your old neighborhood who crashed your
    apartment and ate your Reese's Puffs.

    In NBA 2K20, the attempts
    at comedy and "hip" dialogue are gone. Your character is a reflective
    guy who takes a debatable moral stand and pays a price for it.You play
    as Che, a basketball superstar and locker room leader for your college
    team, the Bay City Flames. You have a heated argument with your head
    coach (played by Idris Elba) after he pulls the scholarship of your
    injured teammate. You drop out with one semester left, and suddenly,
    your well-laid path to the NBA is in shambles.

    Che must take the
    long route to glory. He plays in the Portsmouth Invitational, grabs the
    attention of scouts, and scores an invite to the NBA Combine. And
    eventually, after tryouts with several interested teams, he enters the
    NBA Draft. Whether he's drafted in the first round or not at all depends
    upon your performance in the aforementioned activities.First, you
    design your character. After choosing your floor position, height,
    weight, and wingspan, you create your playstyle by balancing four
    different categories: Finishing, Shooting, Playmaking, and Defense /
    Rebounding. You further customize your player through badges, which are
    very important in this year's MyCareer. Unlike in prior years, you have
    the choice to assign and upgrade the badges you want to, rather than
    grinding redundant plays to earn your bronzes, silvers, and golds.

    upgrade your MyPlayer to an 85 rating (from his initial rating of 60)
    will require anywhere from 150K to 200K in Virtual Currency, better
    known as VC, depending on what type of player you create. The game sells
    VC as a separate microtransaction from the core game; assuming you
    bought the standard edition, you would have to spend an additional $50
    to start MyCareer as the prodigal talent you're hyped to be.

    you decide to earn your 200K VC through gameplay instead of a
    microtransaction, you're in for a grind, though it'll be less strenuous
    than in years prior. NBA 2K20 is more generous with its sponsorships and
    contract negotiations, which provide VC incentives for making X
    rebounds or Y assists. We're talking weeks to get to 90 or above, rather
    than months.NBA 2K20's on-ball and off-ball play has been adjusted in
    noticeable ways, too. Some are minor quality-of-life improvements, but
    other changes are more consequential. Blocking, for example, is much
    easier for both you and your computer-controlled opponents; you can no
    longer charge the basket on a prayer and expect to score. It feels
    organic to learn these new mechanics in the context of MyCareer. You're
    forced to adjust and react to difficulties that you hadn't experienced
    in prior iterations of the game, just as a real-life rookie has to step
    up his game in the big leagues; there's an adjustment period.Buy Now