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How to Choose Tungsten Rings for Men Just Like a Celebrity

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    October 7, 2019 3:56 AM EDT
    Men and jewelry have had an on-again, off-again relationship for
    thousands of years. What is in-vogue today may be out of fashion
    tomorrow. It is no different today in terms of fashion and jewelry where
    the hottest items are now yesterday’s news, making it difficult to
    choose for the man what jewelry works best since it might seem
    old-fashioned by next tungsten wedding rings

    However, tungsten rings for men are a fashion choice that has been
    growing for several years, becoming quite popular mainly because it fits
    so many style choices. It’s less flamboyant compared to gold or silver
    and exudes a masculine quality while still being quite attractive. This
    makes finding the right one for a man easier and you can turn him into a
    celebrity when selecting the proper ring for his finger.


    One reason why simple, plain wedding bands go with most styles is
    because there is little on it that may clash with the wardrobe choices
    he makes. For rings made from tungsten, you should be careful about
    choosing a style and decoration that might go against some of his
    choices of fashion. The good news is that you can add things like
    grooves, beveled edges, or even a satin finish that will stand out, yet
    go along with his natural style.


    Unlike gold which is softer and malleable, tungsten is harder which
    means that it will not naturally expand if his finger should grow. So,
    you will need to be mindful that his ring may need to be resized from
    time to time depending on how much change has occurred. Also, you should
    err on the side of making the ring just a tad too large to allow room
    for expansion.

    Width and Thickness

    The standard ring made from tungsten that many people see is usually
    thick and wide, but that is not necessarily true of all men’s tungsten
    rings. It is true that men’s rings tend to be thicker and wider than the
    rings women wear, but you can choose just how wide or thick to
    complement his appearance.

    Two-Toned Appearance

    You should consider that the ring he will be wearing will be there a
    long time and must go with many different outfits. For gold tungsten
    rings, it is advised that you select a two-toned appearance which will
    not only work with his wardrobe but match most other jewelry he might
    consider wearing.

    Gems or No Gems

    That is the question. Tungsten is such a strong metal that it needs no
    gemstones to brighten its appearance. However, it may be beneficial to
    add a few gemstones depending on what he wears every day. If he sports a
    suit at the office, a few gemstones might work. However, if he is
    fixing automobiles, you might want to stick with the plain look.

    Choosing tungsten rings for men is something that should be simple and
    fun. The good news about tungsten rings is that they are well-suited for
    men in addition to being easy to maintain and scratch-resistant. So,
    when it comes to men’s wedding bands, going with tungsten is the right