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Safe online shopping, read here on how to do this

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    October 7, 2019 4:04 AM EDT
    Where one had to visit countless of stores before making a purchase,
    the Internet has in recent years revolutionized. More and more people
    make their purchases online. Whether it’s a new sweater, a book or a TV.
    Online shopping also has many advantages. So you can read, with the
    click of a mouse button, a lot of reviews of the product, compare
    different promotions and go worldwide shopping instead of going to the
    nearest shops. But online shopping has its disadvantages when you are
    not being careful on the Internet.

    The dangers of online shopping
    Online shopping may be a great,
    useful evolution on the Internet, however it does pose some risks. Big
    stores like Amazon, Shopify or may have established a serious
    reputation, but there are still many smaller stores on the internet with
    their own web shop. The web shop at which you order, can always be a
    fraudulent website, launched by hackers who want to run off with your
    personal data. Even if the merchant does exist, you still have the risk
    to give your payment information to hackers. If the shop does not use a
    “secure encryption protocol”, then your data is not protected during the
    payment process. This way, hackers can intercept your data and they can
    make purchases with your payment information.

    How safe is online shopping?
    Do these dangers mean that you will
    keep to the traditional ways of shopping? No. But it is advisable to
    ensure that you place your orders safely. We give you some possibilities
    so that you can buy things safely over the Internet.

    To check if your payment is made safely you can check the URL of the
    web shop. If the URL begins with https, then it is a secure connection
    and your payment information is protected against possible hackers.

    A second option to prevent fraudulent practices is by avoiding public
    connections. These public free connections are often unsecured so each
    user of the network could spy on another user. In this way it is quite
    easy for a hacker to intercept your personal data. Also read: This
    experiment shows how dangerous it is to use public Wi-Fi.

    If you do make a purchase by using public Wi-Fi, then make sure that you use a VPN. This is a virtual private network which provides a secure connection on a public network. This way, you will shield your data from other users on the network.