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‘Madden NFL 20’ is finally understanding its audience

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    October 7, 2019 6:19 AM EDT
    Last year, I recommended the latest iteration of the Madden NFL
    franchise, calling it the first one in a long time that I could
    recommend as a complete $60 package. After spending time with Madden NFL
    20, which releases for all major platforms on Aug. 2, I can again say
    that EA is getting pretty good at making tangible improvements that go
    beyond a simple roster update.mut coins

    That said, Madden NFL 20 is not without its flaws. There’s a growing
    disconnect between fans of the more realistic, almost sanitized Madden
    of today, and fans who prefer the minigame-packed, looser-feeling Madden
    of yesteryear.

    EA has tried to bridge that gap in recent games with the introduction
    of “arcade” style play vs. “simulation”, which aims to create a
    faster-paced game with more big plays. It’s a noticeable difference, and
    now EA has added development traits like Superstar X Factors and Zone
    Abilities, which elevate the highest-rated players beyond mere mortals.

    From the new Face of the Franchise story mode to the graphic
    upgrades, I’ll run you through all you need to know about Madden NFL
    20.The biggest difference that will affect every mode is the sweeping
    changes made to Madden’s ratings. EA drew criticism in the past for
    big-name players being too easy to replace with lower-rated backups, and
    tackled that this year by creating a much bigger disparity in the

    The result is that more players are rated in the 60s (out of 99),
    while many starters don’t even break 80. It can look alarming to
    longtime Madden players, especially fans of teams who aren’t
    particularly good, like me (hello, 49ers). Still, players in the
    mid-to-high 70s don’t feel worse than they did in previous games, though
    the AI does feel worse in that regard.As far as the on-the-field
    action, I love it. With the ball in your hands, everything is smooth.
    Stick moves feel better than ever, and I’ve noticed many new unique
    animations in tackles and catches, along with more signature
    celebrations for star players like Patrick Mahomes (the cover athlete).

    On the defensive side of the ball, the on-screen prompts for jumping
    the snap and rushing the passer have been tweaked. EA changed some of
    the terminology to make it clearer what types of pass-rush moves you’re
    using and are appropriate for the situation.want know more fut coins
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