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Cooking Up Small Batch Candles For Small Businesses

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    December 3, 2019 10:42 PM EST
    Being a small business owner can be super rewarding but also challenging
    in many ways. Believe me, I know. As a small business owner myself, I
    am always trying to find new and unique ways to pull apart from my
    competition.Candle manufacturers

    On top of the list of challenges is high-minimums.

    For the candle maker, it’s wax, fragrances, wicks, containers, and
    labels. The more we buy, the cheaper the cost but for the small business
    owner, we face the challenge of space, money, and chance.

    If you’ve already done your research, you already know that candle
    minimums can be anything but minimal. Some require a minimum of 500
    candles PER SCENT. For one, where in the heck are you going to put all
    of those candles? 500 candles could probably fill up all of the shelf
    space in your inventory closet! So, that’s not going to work.


    Let’s say you have decided to flip the bill on 500 candles. The cost of
    500 candles will probably run you anywhere between $5,000 to $7,500 for
    one candle scent!


    Now that you have your 500 custom private-label candles in just one
    scent, will they sell? This is where chance comes into play. No
    explanation needed.

    Taking A Chance


    As much as “taking a chance” is one of the hardest steps to take for a
    small-business owner, this is what we have decided to.We have an
    extensive list of fragrances for you to choose from or we can create a
    completely custom scent to best compliment the unique personality of
    your boutique, salon, barbershop, brewery, winery, distillery, or