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Scam! BROKERZ Swindled Investor Out of $10,000 by This Trick.

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    April 15, 2020 3:12 AM EDT
    Scam! BROKERZ Swindled Investor Out of $10,000 by This Trick.

    Recently, WikiFX received a complaint from a Singapore investor. The investor received an email from BROKERZ , that a trader told the investor that if he can enjoy an investment with double interests; the more he invests the more he gets. The trader also promised he can get 10,000 USD as a high profit from their platform.To get more news about BROKERZ forex brokers, you can visit wikifx news official website.
      Event recap
      An investor has complained about BROKERZ for using fund tricks to attract investors.He can invest funds to gain high profits on BROKERZ, and the funds can be changed into BTC, which is then converted to cash from the investors account by GEMT (Global Electronic Money Transfer) . The GEMT is a third party transfer platform.
      At the beginning, the investor deposited a amount of funds at BROKERZ to generate interests. After few months, the investor wanted to withdraw his money and interests. However, the investor got a call from a transfer platform and was informed that the money couldn‘t be transferred due to the anti money laundering agency’s restriction. And the investor was asked to convert the money he deposited into BTC by the transfer platform so that he can get the cash. After that, BROKERZ told the investor to pay extra before getting his money by converting BTC. But the investor has no more money to pay, while the investor already deposited 10,000USD at BROKERZ. Whats worse, the investor cannot reach out to BROKERZ so far.
    All in all, the illegal broker uses BTC to defraud victims and uses third-party payment platform to make its fraud look like more professional and brilliantly. From this case, it can be seen that BROKERZ and GEMT colluded in the scam. Please be careful with non-bank organization and payment platform in order to avoid being deceived.
      Per checking WikiFX App, BROKERZ has a poor rating of 1.23, and the broker currently has no valid regulation, bearing great risks. The broker is currently active on large social network such as Telegram and Facebook, please stay away!