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The Four Forex Seasons-Tony Camilleri

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    May 27, 2020 6:08 AM EDT
    Did you know that there is 4 seasons to the forex market. New traders
    are often caught out attempting to trade the same strategy throughout
    the year, often giving back their hard work during the winter and summer
    doldrums seasons.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit WikiFX news official website.

      I would like to guide any traders to be prepared during the 4
    seasons.The daily turnover reached $6.6trillionin April 2019. That is a
    massive amount of turnover in anybodys language.

      However, did you know that the retail market is only 5.5%of that total turnover.

      As retail traders, we are at the mercy of the other 95% of the
    marketplace, hence our behaviour needs to reflect the institutions.

      A Spring in your step for January.

      As the Christmas and New year periods end. The traders return to
    their desks and the volume increases during mid January. A good time to

      Sell in May and go away – avoid the sun burn.

      The summer holidays have arrived in the northern hemisphere, where
    the majority of traders are situated. Volume decreases and the market
    can be quite flat. Moves can be quite unpredictable as the moves are
    more impulsive based. This is a more difficult time of year to trade.

      Its Labor Day..time to get busy

      Around the time of Labor day in September, market activity
    increases as everyone is back at work from their summer holidays. This
    is a great time to trade. This period continues on till mid December.

      Christmas Time – time to relax

      Another very quiet period is the upcoming Christmas and New Year
    holiday time. Between mid December and mid January, volume again
    decreases, making it more difficult for traders. Beware of some quick
    impulses caused by a few high volume traders.


      As traders, we need to plan our trading year so suit the 4
    seasons. When the volume is high, attack the market, when the volume is
    low, approach the market is caution.

      Tony Camilleri is an Australian based forex trader. He has been an
    active trader in both the retail and institutional sector. As founder
    of 4xfusion, Tony has developed automated algorithm based trading
    systems, he is an active educator and fund manager for the past 15
    years. Tony is also a crusader against the forex scammer and is often
    asked about his opinion regarding trading systems and their
    sustainability. Tony has an in depth knowledge of the inner workings of
    the forex industry and brokers. Tony is a regular contributor to
    Linkedin with his thought provoking articles and is quickly becoming a
    key person of influence on that platform, which his often trending