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Nongfu Spring is going to be listed overseas

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    January 18, 2021 10:40 PM EST
    Nongfu Spring is going to be listed overseas

    On March 17, according to the CSRC, (Note: The public review of the administrative license approval progress page of the CSRC) , Nongfushanquan's overseas IPO approval has been received . FBIF contacted Nongfu Spring for the first time, and the brand said it would not comment.To get more news about Nongfu Spring, you can visit en.nongfuspring official website.

    It is worth noting that there was news in November last year that "Nongfu Spring is planning to conduct a US $ 1 billion IPO in Hong Kong, and it will be conducted as early as the first half of 2020", which coincides with the information released by the Securities and Exchange Commission . But at the time Nongfu Spring responded that there were no plans to go public.
    In fact, Nongfu Spring has been "listed" many times over the years, and we simply sorted it out:

    Some events of Nongfu Spring's "Public Clouds on the Market" are organized, and the information comes from media reports.
    But outside rumors are not groundless. We see that as early as 12 years ago, Nongfu Spring has tried to sprint A-share IPOs, and it has entered a long coaching period: In May 2008, Nongfu Spring and CITIC Securities signed the "IPO" Counseling Work Agreement ", which subsequently started a 10-year listing counseling, and terminated [1] in December 2018.A sword has been sharpened in ten years. The prelude to Nongfu Spring's listing this time is real.For the prelude to this IPO, many insiders in the FBIF flash group shared their views. In our discussions, some in the industry believed that the listing of Nongfu Spring was inevitable.
    This can be seen from the history of Nongfu Spring, and we combed some historical nodes and performance growth of Nongfu Spring.