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Use Method of the Egg Washing Machine Size Water Tank

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    January 19, 2021 11:56 AM EST
    When using the egg washing machine, you must pay attention to timely
    replenishing water to the large and small water tanks, because the large
    and small water tanks are the key egg loading and egg-laying devices.
    When the water level is too low, it will definitely cause the problem of
    an increased egg breakage rate. Be sure to add water to the egg-laying
    water tank in time during the machine.To get more news about Egg cleaning machine, you can visit dinneregg official website.

    When we want to clean eggs with mud, we need to regularly fill the large
    water tank of the egg washer with water. The cleaned sludge will
    gradually deposit at the bottom of the large water tank, in order to
    ensure that the water leakage at the bottom of the large water tank will
    not be caused by excessive sludge. It causes a blockage, and during
    use, the large water tank needs to be filled with water regularly and
    then refilled.

    After each use of the egg washer, the large and small water tanks need
    to be cleaned to ensure that the large and small water tanks are clean,
    which can effectively prevent the blockage of the large and small water
    tanks from affecting the use.

    When using the egg washing machine, not only should pay attention to the
    size of the water tank but also the food safety of the eggs and the
    safety of the machine operation are also very important things to pay
    attention to:

    Food safety after cleaning in the egg washer: The degree of cleaning is a
    manifestation of product quality. Physical cleaning during processing
    also relies on cleaning agents to assist in removing egg viruses and

    The strength and stiffness of the egg washer parts should meet the
    safety requirements, the installation should be firm, and frequent
    failures are strictly prohibited. The layout of the egg washing machine
    should be reasonable to facilitate the operator’s handling of parts,
    processing observation, and removal of debris, and convenience for
    maintenance personnel to inspect and repair. According to the relevant
    safety requirements, a reasonable, reliable, and safe egg washing
    machine must be equipped without affecting the operation.