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Broker Updates on Feb.15 - Feb.21

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    February 23, 2021 1:37 AM EST
    1. Poland-based CFD and forex broker XTB has just released its Q4 earnings report as well as its 2020 review. In general, XTB last year had outstanding results. Specifically, in Q4 2020, XTB disclosed revenue of 37.5 million USD (140 million PLN), this figure in 2019 was 23.4 (89.57 million PLN) million USD (increases 55%) .To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit wikifx official website. Updated Portal 2. FXCM Group has just announced the latest update to its free online trading portal - FXCM Plus. The update has many new functions to help users get more information about their market and their location. The main improvements made on Trading Analytics 4 include changes in: account statistics, daily profit percentage, updated analytics text. Renamed Fanpage 3. LiteForex Vietnam fanpage has just changed its name to LiteFinance Vietnam on 02/02/2021. The purpose of this redemption is known to bring the best customer experience to customers in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, not only in the Forex field but also in finance in general. Thailand Regulatory Announcements 4. Thai Securities and Exchange Commission issued a number of announcements that would potentially have a regulatory impact on digital asset portfolios managers. Effective from February 24, crypto fund managers and investment advisers are required to apply for a licence to continue their businesses.   The regulator defines ‘digital asset investment advisers’ as those who give advice pertaining to “cryptocurrency or digital token trading to customers and receive remuneration for their services.” As such, the new regulations govern portfolio managers and distributors of virtual asset funds.   5. The UKs Financial Conduct Authority(FCA) said in a brief statement Monday that local investors should use extreme caution when dealing with unauthorized firms known to have been soliciting customers in the UK jurisdiction.The regulator specifically pointed out that one of the brokers highlighted in the latest flurry, Dalsari, is offering FX and cryptocurrency-related services to British residents without being authorised to do so. 6. Starting in 2021, the Futures Trading Regulatory Agency Commodity (Bappebti) of the Ministry of Trade blocked 68 domains of entity futures trading entities that do not have a license from Bappebti. This blocking is in collaboration with the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology and companies where domain name registrations are in Indonesia. In 2020, Bappebti has run out of 1911 domain sites. In 2021, Bappebti will increase supervision and supervision of activities in the trade sector that do not have licenses.