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Warcraft Classic developers talk The Burning Crusade

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    March 5, 2021 12:50 AM EST
    Warcraft Classic developers talk The Burning Crusade

    World of Warcraft Classic brought fans back to an early era of the iconic MMO. With original locations, characters, and even graphics, World of Warcraft Classic exists as a companion to the ongoing World of Warcraft experience. We spoke with the team behind WoW Classic to learn more about the game's latest expansion, as well as what fans can expect in the future.To get more news about wow classic gold tbc, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

    Blizzard recently revealed that The Burning Crusade, the first major WoW expansion, would be coming to Classic. One of the game's more beloved content expansions, this was more good news for fans of the game. With WoW Classic's success and popularity, the developers will look to add more and improve the experience over time.
    In our interview, we talked to Brian Birmingham, Lead Software Engineer on World of Warcraft Classic about the developer's plans for the future. With World of Warcraft having a lot of legacy players, there are many that find them split between playing the modern game and playing Classic. Birmingham tells us that his goal isn't to take players away from modern WoW, but to give them more of what they love. "I don't want to make you stop playing Shadowlands to come play Classic...let's bring in more players, let's make this a bigger audience."