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WoW Classic Tailoring Trainer Locations

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    May 6, 2021 3:14 AM EDT
    Tailoring is one of the biggest money-making professions in WoW Classic
    thanks to the value of bags. There are never too many Tailors, trust me,
    but you've got to find the trainers to learn the profession.To get more
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    The sole purpose of this guide is to point you in the direction of both factions' Tailoring trainers. Pretty straight forward.

    Unlike most other profession trainer guides, I simply mention the level
    at which you can train with a particular NPC. If a trainer says 50~,
    that means you can train up to Level 50 Tailoring with that NPC.
    Master-level trainers train you at profession skill Level 200.

    There are two neutral Tailoring trainers. One, a goblin named Grarnik
    Goodstich, can train Level 50 Tailoring and can be found in Booty Bay.
    The other, Meilosh (Master-level), requires you be friendly with the
    Tumbermaw-Furbolgs and can be found in the cave between Felwood and