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Herbivores or Carnivores ?

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    May 6, 2021 5:41 AM EDT
    We see Connochaetes migrate across the Africa continent and ambushed by
    the crocodile in the pond. We see a pride of lions can do nothing with
    zebras gathering in flocks. There is some conventional wisdom of nature
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    single dik-dik is weaker than carnivores. So herbivores stay in group
    to protect themselves from carnivores. Moreover, predators can only hunt
    a limited number of herbivores at a time compared to the large amount
    of the group. So the individual in the group doesnt have to run from
    predators. They mitigate risks by restricting the competition within the
    group. This strategy is also useful in Forex market trading. It is
    quite safe if we follow the crowd to trade. When we track the trading
    volume of certain currency pairs, it is found that the volume spikes
    during a fixed period of the day and stays relatively low for the rest
    time. This is because of time-zone effects, where people do business in
    different time separations and some spikes are enforced by influential
    events. So the market risks are hedged when a mass of traders engaging
    in the trading. What we have to do is what dik-diks do when facing a
    predator, that is, finding a perfect time of entry and exit.

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