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Ranking All 32 NFL Teams Solely On Their Uniforms

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    April 5, 2022 9:40 PM EDT
    Ranking All 32 NFL Teams Solely On Their Uniforms The Texans earn the bottom spot simply for a desperate need of a revamp. I'd keep the helmet but find a way to better the uniform and pants while not making it too much like the Patriots.To get more news about cheap nfl jerseys china, you can visit official website. Not a fan at all of the rebranding of the jerseys. I'm "anti-shadow numbers" for all uniforms, so this is no exception. That being said, there is still potential there, and I think they should consider reverting to their old falcon logo or a new reiteration of it. Not totally in love with the gray numbers, but the pants and pant stripe are great. The "Lions" lettering the shoulder is very unique too. I actually don't mind this new design at all. The only nitpick is maybe making the helmet a lighter shade, because under the lights, it is almost too dark.A very classic look to these. The white helmet really pops, especially with the road uniforms. Their blue home jerseys held them back a little on this list. Love the color and it looks really good on the football field. They should steer away from the black jerseys, because their blues are very underrated.By far...BY FAR the best iteration of the Browns uniforms...ever. I always hated them not evolving their brand as a kid, but I feel like these are new and fresh while still staying true to the classics. The change from a white helmet to a blue helmet was a big-time upgrade. The road uniforms really make the helmet pop.Some of the best helmets in the league, but they could definitely use a minor update/tweak for this century. Solid color scheme, and I like the classic look of the uniform. That being said, I think it'd be cool for them to have the "W" Washington Football Team logo on both sides of the helmet instead of numbers. Very simple uniforms, but they always look good on the field. If they were to change anything, they could maybe modernize the patterns on the shoulders and pants. It's hard to go wrong with red on a football jersey.One of the few uniforms in the NFL that I don't mind that the home jersey and home pants match. The all black looks good and really puts a focus on the helmet and the fleur-de-lis logo. I like their uniforms. They're very purple-y. This is a team with a great identity, from the numbers to the logo. Even the font of the player names are distinct.Ever since the Seahawks switched to these uniforms, they have found ways to win. The patterns on the number and around the shoulders are very original. I'm a Patriots fan, but I can't allow them to go past this spot until they change their pant color. Their pants should be white or silver, because the all blue from neck to legs looks awful. The new jersey alone has potential, but the overall combination isn't working. Some of the best road uniforms in the league. The red really pops on the white, and it is a bold color choice since their helmet is blue; most teams would've made the numbers blue. Their road uniforms alone lifted them to the top half of the list. This may be the best red helmet in football. The white face mask really pops with the red helmet. The white pants with the home jersey work because of the bright white face mask.