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    January 8, 2018 10:16 PM EST
    How to choose residential flooring? How to choose household flooring when your flooring need to renovate? There are some new material flooring such as vinyl flooring and linoleum flooring or some traditional ceramic tile , wood flooring, etc. What are some of the characteristics of all kinds of flooring? By comparing the various advantages and disadvantages of the flooring, you can choose the best project for your home decoration. Vinyl Flooring Vinyl flooring is a kind of new environmental materials.The characteristics of vinyl flooring is waterproof, non-slip, wear-resisting, durable , environmental,healthy, beautiful and comfortable. From whether it is the pursuit of functional and healthy life, vinyl flooring is always the right choice. Because of its light material, it is very appropriate for new house decoration and household replacement. Linoleum Flooring Because body allergies and other special reasons, some families have strict requirements for air environment , so they will use linoleum flooring. Actually, vinyl flooring also has this effect, but linoleum flooring is outstanding environmental and healthy among all flooring. Ceramic Tile Ceramic tile is the most common flooring for household decoration.The decorative effect of ceramic tile is bright, clean and low maintenance cost. However, because of ceramic tile is hard, it is easy to break up and slip. Material but also because of its special material , ceramic tile gives a person the sense of cold. If you want to have a more healthy and comfortable living environment, we recommended to use other suitable flooring. Wood Flooring As the name suggests, wooden flooring is a natural material, which has advantages the synthetic material can not replace such as non-toxic, tasteless, environmental protection and health. The shortcomings of wood flooring is water , tide and insect. From environmental protection, it is unfavorable for the protection of forest resources.In terms of cost, wood floor is more expensive. ESD vinyl tiles is very popular in the world today. It is a new type of light flooring. Now more and more people not only care about quoted price, they also pay attention to how to maintain ESD vinyl tiles to let it has long service life. You should use wet mop to clean usually. For the dirty place, it can be cleaned by alcohol. When some heavy goods are placed on the floor, you should avoid they are dragged on the ESD vinyl tiles. The contact surface should not be too small. When you worked on tiles , you can't wear a metal nail shoes, even can't use sharp and hard objects to wipe and knock on it. Private investigators are not a modern discovery they are just the more defined term of private detectives who have been there since 17th century or even before that. 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