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Network Support Analyst | Role, Responsibilities

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    March 5, 2019
    Network Support Analysts are responsible for installing, configuring,
    and supporting local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs),
    Internet systems, and components of network systems. They also diagnose
    issues relating to software, hardware, IT systems, and network, and
    troubleshoot them and replace faulty Network Support Analyst | Role, Responsibilitiescomponents when needed.Analysts manage and maintain computer networks, hardware, software, and all configurations. As they need to keep an eye on the performance of networks and systems, and to align network use and access, they work on master consoles.Analysts interact with users of the network to come up with a roadmap to fix the existing problems of the systems. They suggest changes to enhance network configurations and systems, and
    decide on the hardware or software needs to carry out relevant changes.