December Astrology Numerology Predictions (2018) In Hindi Motivational Happy New Year MerryChristmas

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I give movie reviews.I am Nadi kp astrologer & numerologist, best astrologer in India,who gives accurate me on +91 9425092415 see my website & mail me at my channel for latest Bollywood movie reviews to know their numerology.for spiritual videos astrology numerology videos & my dad guruji gobind sharma's videos.:) bollywood news bollywood entertainment horoscope lucky number money number lucky name numerology astrology WHAT IS DECEMBER IN NUMEROLOGY? December ultimately breaks down to a 3 (December=12, 1+2=3), but before the final breakdown, it has the Numbers 1, 2 and 3 in it. That Number combination pushes you forward and encourages your success. Trust your instincts and be sure to connect with loved ones to strengthen your bonds. Whatever you celebrate, (Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza), this is a great month to get together with people that you love. Make time for your friendships, family, and all who matter to you. If you find yourself alone during the Holiday Season and you feel a little down, I suggest that you go to places like a retirement home or the Veteran's Hospital to volunteer your time. Sharing yourself with people who do not get many visitors will make YOU and that person feel so much better. Before the Year is over, if you can think of a way that you can help with some of the tragedies that have happened this year-the fires in California, the shootings in Thousand Oaks, and at the Synagogue in Pennsylvania just to name a few... Sending a check, food or clothes that you no longer wear will make a positive difference. This 12/3 month is also about taking care of yourself. What can you do to make yourself feel better? Maybe you never go to a salon to get your hair done or get a professional massage. Doing things for everyone else this month and nothing for yourself can lead to feeling resentful. Don't do that to yourself! This is the month to find ways to relieve your stress. One way to relieve it is to realize you don't have to spend time with people just because they are your family, or you feel obligated. Make choices this month to spend time with people who really make you happy. You should also send cards to the ones who don't live near you and let them know how much you love them. This will make you one of the positive spirits that make the Holiday Season so special!
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